The rabbit

Excerpt from a Knoxville diary, sept 2013 “What is that sound?” my wife whispered … I wanted to roll over and get back to sleep, but that sound … eerie, straight out of a nightmare. I went downstairs and checked from the back door. All silence, as if nothing had happened. Wildlife tends turns silent, … Continue reading The rabbit

The Original and the National treasure

Didn't get a shot of Takahashi-san working, so here's a spread from an old magazine I found.

His voice is rusty. Hands strong and old. Takahashi Tsunebei is a craftsman. A printer. He prints rolls of cotton and silk, using the Some-Komon technique. A technique passed down through the generations, now reaching a dead end.

10 meter long lines of textil is hanging from the ceiling in neat curves. Aluminium containers with liquid are arranged in lanes. “Do come in” a voice says. “Welcome, welcome!”. 88 and full of energy. Soon, we’re inside and the city pulse fades quickly. We’re in a different world, in company with what turns out not just to be a collection of rare craftsmanship but nothing less than a National treasure.

Tsunebei explais: “Japanese craftsmanship is not as well preserved as it could be. Many specialists of all kinds are passing away these decades and they take they skills with them. Nobody can afford to learn and the government can’t be bothered”.

Takahashi Tsunebei Continue reading “The Original and the National treasure”

Hello Shotgun

Hello Kitty ShotGun

The movie theater was fairly barren as we walked out. It was one of those moments, where you just want to see the last bits of the rolling texts to see who … As we entered the lobby, the security officer was holding a tablet talking passionately to a customer over a coffee. We nodded as we passed, which apparently fitted him just perfectly: Continue reading “Hello Shotgun”