Trans Europe Express

8 thoughts on “Trans Europe Express”

  1. These are some insightful and convicting observations on people and community. We miss you guys a lot, and I feel sorry to have missed so many opportunities to connect over the past several months. Be safe, have fun, heal, and grow!

  2. Thanks guys, it is wonderful to read this, as I sit at my desk for a day’s work at the Red Cross in Sydney, Australia. Reminds me that there is stillness, thoughtfulness and reflection in the world. It feels richer reading these words. Thanks. Keep me posted. Emma x

    1. Great reading! Glad you are doing this blog. If ever it feels a burden to be writing this blog, when instead you could be roaming those beautiful mountains, remember that those of us not able to be there appreciate the glimpse back to that place! I hope this term goes well for you guys. Take care.


  3. Per-ole and Amelia, I’m so glad you’re connecting with us. Will notification of updates come to my e-mail? Oh, I see below they will come. Great! I do want to keep in touch. It’s so good to hear from you!

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